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Hi.  Welcome to “Where Is My Knight? dot com” (originally titled whereismydamnknight.com, but my Dad reserved the domain name and he’d rather I didn’t curse).

This website was inspired by those stories, you know ladies (or gents if you are reading this at the risk of lactation or growing an ovary )… Those stories. The one’s we make up about “Why didn’t he call?” “Why doesn’t he like me?” “Where are all the good men?”  I am a master at those stories, and I have found it kind of therapeutic to share these with others and have a laugh.  There was one story (The White Knight and The Spotted Jackass…) in particular that I  wrote in an email to a friend several years ago when I was exasperated with the whole dating scene.  It resurfaced in my consciousness last year, and I shared it with some of my girlfriends.  This started the conversation, “What happened to your Knight?”  A good friend suggested we collect these stories and write a book.  And I thought, “Why not?  We make up stories anyway, why not make it a good one?” So I encourage you to share your (fictional, humorous and sometimes tragic) stories with me* and all of the somewhat-jaded-but-most-certainly-empowered women reading this blog.

*subject to a few rules and regs… (see registration)

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, and the haunting memory of removing myself from the fetal position just long enough to Google “He just stopped calling”  a few short months ago, and worse coming up with a real website www.why-he-doesnt-call.com I decided there really needs to be a place where we get to make up our own ending.


When I was little, I had a big crush on frogs.  I grew up on a lake, and I would catch frogs and I of course got caught kissing one, hence my nickname for most of my prepubescent years; “Frog Lips”.  As you will learn I am a big fan of the metaphor, and enjoy the poetic humor of irony in almost every situation, no matter how tragic (or dramatic) the tale.

Yours Truly,

The Damsel in The Red Dress

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